New Year, New Start

Happy New YearAs with every new year, many of us like to reflect upon our previous goals and create new resolutions. It’s only natural that we mark a new year as a chance to start over and through this we can try to better ourselves. Whether or not we actually achieve this is another matter.

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Perfect After a Long Day!

Shuffle can be classified as a romantic comedic harem with a touch of ecchi where it counts, but it does have its own unique merits. I warn you now: the following post is somewhat NSFW. Continue reading

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You cannot choose who you fall in love with. Appropriately, you also cannot choose theĀ genderĀ of the person with whom you fall in love, and Aoi Hana does a wonderful job of portraying this. Continue reading

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Aiming for the Harem Ending

When I first heard of Seitokai no Ichizon (which will now be called Seizon for convenience), I automatically assumed it was another run-of-the-mill moe anime. Was I right? Not entirely. Continue reading

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Tiger X Dragon X Viewer

I can’t quite remember the last time I cried, but Toradora had no issues forcing that single emo tear from me.

I have been planning to get a blog for some time now, and a few of the anime I have watched this past month have made me more inclined to do so, but it was not until I watched Toradora that I decided to get off my lazy ass and actually write about it. Continue reading

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